Cale Prosen – Why I Love Evergreen

Cale Prosen

How long have you worked at Evergreen?

Worked at Evergreen for over 2.5 years. Work full-time usually in the summers when there is no school, and work part-time while I am in school. Work weekends and shifts when I am available during the school year.

Tell me about yourself?

I am 19, have two younger brothers. I am a freshman at the College of St. Scholastica. Am involved in the cross-country running, Nordic skiing, and track teams in college.

Why did you chose to work at Evergreen?

I choose to work at Evergreen because it seemed like a great job experience and liked working with older people. In my time working, I have really enjoyed my time working and it has given me a lot of great perspective into what I would like to do when I am through with college.

Why did you chose to work at Evergreen?

Working at Evergreen has been great for me because they have been able to be flexible while working me into the schedule. Other staff are willing to pick up shifts and fill in as needed. Clear communication is also something that Evergreen does a great job at.

I have really enjoyed the community that has been built at Evergreen Knoll. As opposed to other jobs, I believe the genuine connections you can form with people allow for true differences in the lives of people to be made.

How do you make a difference here at Evergreen?

I have seen through my time working at Evergreen how my care can transform the lives of others. I feel like I am making a genuine difference in the lives of others and am building up the community around me. I have learned a great deal about life as a result of working at Evergreen as well. I have formed many deep connections with others and have taken in a lot of wisdom.

I have had many experiences where I have made an impact on others. Small acts can uplift people’s days and seeing how even small actions can improve the mood of everyone has been interesting to see.