Why I Love Evergreen

Keagen Anderson 
Registered Nurse 

How long you have worked at Evergreen and if you are full time or part time:
I worked at Evergreen as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 3 years. I graduated Nursing School from LSC and now am back as a full time Registered Nurse. 

Why you chose to work at Evergreen:
Evergreen offered me hands-on experience working with residents and caring for them in their everyday lives. 

What you have discovered and enjoy about our company:
I enjoy the interaction with residents on the daily. Going home feeling rewarded and making a difference. 

Tid bit about me:
I have three furry children: 2 dogs—Charlie and Oakley and one cat—Socks. I live with my Fiancé 30 seconds from Evergreen Knoll, and we are to be married in 2023. My mom also works in the kitchen so I get to see her often 🙂 

Describe what you like about Evergreen:
I enjoy the home like environment and activity program that is provided to the residents daily. 

Impact working at Evergreen has made on you:
Evergreen has given me a great source of income for my family, flexibility, safe working environment and plentiful knowledge.